Anonymous asked:

Can you imagine Tony at the table reads for these last couple episodes during the Olake scenes (particularly the opening sequence before they knew what to expect)? Haha. Poor guy. In furtherance of that thought, if there is something between those two, do you think the cast/crew know the truth about it?

Guess now we know the reason he had no reactions after those table reads, huh?

unpopular opinion time…I don’t hate Olake right now. I love that Olivia is using him and that he knows he’s being used. Like, he’s no longer vying for her hand or affections…he knows what he’s there for. There’s no question where her heart is. So I’m kinda like…girl if you’re getting off and he’s not choking you outside the bedroom…get it.

And that last scene…I may have watched it several times. Come here to me. Yup, not over it.

Anonymous asked:

What makes you think baby Isa was a surprise? Just the timeline? Personally I don't think she's Tony's but then if she was a surprise that would mean Kerry was also sleeping with other people, including possibly a gay friend. Interesting. Not that any scenario really makes more sense than the next. Also, do you think the Goldwyns marriage was over pre-Scandal/Kerry? If so, why do you think they didn't get a divorce previously?Thanks for entertaining our questions. Love your blog.

I think the marriage has been over for at least a decade pre-Kerry, but Tony stayed until his youngest graduated from hs. It takes 18 months for divorce in CT, so I’d be expecting to see some announcement around the holidays. Then again, they could be happily married. Who knows??

As far as Isabelle’s biological father, my personal opinion based on contacting the LA County Records office is that the bc leaked is a real one.

mollylamberti asked:

If Kerry had a baby with a gay friend/husband .. you would think they would look close because of friendship .. yet they don't. On the other hand Tony and Kerry seem to have resumed the affection they have for each other, in public, in the last 3 mths or so, even though we have had 1 sighting each with their significant others. All very strange don't you think?

Everything about this is totes strange. I’ll admit, I was thinking about it when I was out with my gay hubby the other night, how incredibly affectionate we are with one another is so opposite from Ker and Nnamdi.

I don’t think the affection between K&T is anywhere near what it was in 2013. I feel like we are still seeing an incredibly guarded Kerry, and apparently a Tony who looks forward to being punished for being a bad boy.

Anonymous asked:

Ok so maybe she did have a baby with her gay best friend but then where does the amazing Tony fall into all of this ? Unless he wasn't able to give her a baby I don't see why he would want to be apart of this mess

There are so many possible scenarios at work here. I do believe what’s going in is a result of two things… 1. Tony isn’t yet divorced. 2. Baby was a surprise.

Beyond that…no idea. Tony could or could not be the biological dad (I’m leaning towards not, as the result if a vasectomy years ago…enter surrogate friend who needs a beard).

Or they both have open marriages? I’m thinking no, but again, what do I know?

Right now I’m just really thinking about Kerry saying “come here to me.” I’m like not ever going to be over that. I’m ready to be summoned, Ker. And I’m a straight girl.